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Dental Care
About Us
The Design Sense Studio believes in creating spaces that intrigue the senses. We want to you to have a positive experience as you spend time in our interiors.  Our job is to guide you along
an amazing interior design journey!
Our main focus is a on healthcare, commercial and hospitality projects. Not only do we aim to improve the well-being of the individual user but we also design to encourage productivity
and spatial efficiencies. The end result should be an environment that
accomplishes this but also "WOWS" the audience.  While we address these concerns, codes and budgets are always paramount and as problem solvers we indulge our creativity to manifest your vision along
with the guidelines required of each industry.
As part of the design/construction team we will assure your project takes on
an aesthetic of its own while proudly representing your brand. 
Creating New Impact on Healthcare

Evidence based design (EDAC) has proven incredible value in recent improvements for all interior design especially for healthcare interiors and their efficiencies.  

The Design Sense Studio has always implemented this research while also completing dozens of medical projects that include assisted livings,

eye care facilities, dental clinics, hospitals and specialty medical practices.

Each of these projects bring their own set of challenges while first and foremost minding the health, safety and welfare of 

patients, caregivers and physicians. 

We specify the smartest antimicrobial materials, finishes and furnishings while introducing color psychology to heal and soothe the spirit! 

Braswell Milling
Making Commercial Design Matter


What a space says about your company can make or break its brand image.

A client will remember the mood of an interior environment long after they have left the space. The Design Sense Studio knows how to create a memorable experience which keeps your audience coming back! 

Our interior design team utilizes creative techniques in lighting, artwork, signage, biophilia and color to enhance the sequence of your spaces. 

We have 25+ years of design expertise in workplace, corporate, education and

government facilities. Our involvement during the design process can be to any level our client may desire including assistance in concept, programming, space planning and project management, furniture specification and the bidding process.

Maximizing Services For Hospitality

Dining venues are changing in order to better protect the health and safety of the customer.  Besides great food and hygiene, restaurants must also provide an enjoyable atmosphere and aesthetic that brings return customers. 

The Design Sense Studio is sensitive to these new regulations and will work closely with owners, equipment vendors and local inspectors to provide the proper and most effective layout for spacing regulations and circulation flow.  We will work together to create the perfect palette of color and materials so you can capture the attention of your customer's dining experience!

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